Toshiba Gigabit Series

toshiba.jpgToshiba has introduced its lineage of media player’s, gigabit V401 and gigabit V801. With this player one can record up to 390 hours of programme. The Toshiba Gigabit V801 has got an 80 GB hard drive and the V401 comes with a 40GB hard-drive. Both new Toshiba Gigabit players support a 4 inch QVGA color screen. In these devices with the new H2C technology the sound is believed to be enhanced by adding back frequencies that are lost during compression of WMA and MP3 files. The new Toshiba Gigabit V-series players support WMA, WMA 9 lossless, MP3 and Wav audio formats as well as WMV video format. Measurements of the V401 are 124.5×75.5×18mm and the V801 is 6mm thicker. Both new Toshiba Gigabit portable media players would be available to the users by June, 2007.

Via: Toshiba