Toshiba Debuts Dual-Core Z2 LED HDTVs & Regza Android App – Exclusive Initially to Japan

There is a constant war going on between the industry’s various hardware manufacturers to get the most high end, technologically advanced products onto the market between their competitors.  From this war we’ve seen over the top creations like Panasonic’s 103-inch 3D Plasma TV priced at a mind numbing $100,000. With a price tag like that, it’s quite obviously assumed that many consumers won’t be able to afford such a thing. Luckily, Toshiba has just come forth today to announce a line up of televisions that won’t cost $100,00 but will include a dual-core processor dubbed the CEVO Engine. Thanks to this chip, Toshiba’s Z2 series of LED HDTVs will be capable or reducing input lag while in ‘Game Mode’ to just 0.7 frames – just to give you a glimpse of its power.

Additionally, Toshiba has also taken the time to announce that the current iOS exclusive Regza app will be making its way to Google’s Android mobile platform along with Microsoft’s Windows. Unfortunately, at this time, the app is still only available in Japan so we’ll have to keep you posted on that front.

As for a release date for the dual-core powered Toshiba Z2 series, those will be shipping later this month – also exclusive to Japan.