Toshiba D-BW500 does VHS tapes to roll back the years

Want to roll back the years and memories? That’s a snap to do with Toshiba’s latest Blu-ray player known as the D-BW500, where it will also be able to handle DVD playback, while a 230GB hard drive stores all your recorded shows for future viewing. Oh yeah, did we mention about the VHS slot that lets you play back those memories of yore? Just make sure the VHS tapes you put in are not moldy and you ought to be good to go.

Of course, to keep up with the 21st century, the Toshiba D-BW500 will also come with a SD/SDHC memory card slot and AVCHD/JPEG playback support. It doesn’t seem as though it will be heading out Stateside anytime soon, since it sports a 70,000 yen price tag in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Just a quick show of hands – how many of you out there actually still have your collection of VHS tapes, and wished your last VHS deck did not break down? Perhaps the Toshiba D-BW500 is an answer to your prayers, helping you bridge the past and the present. This isn’t the first combo device from Toshiba, and it definitely won’t be the last.