Toshiba 52VX545U LCD HD TV

Toshiba unveils one of its top of the line LCD HDTV as it continues to concentrate on improving the look of standard-definition content on high-def displays. A new upconversion-enhancement technology called Super Resolution Technology (SRT) is now available in some of Toshiba’s latest LCD HDTVs, including the top-of-the-line Cinema Series.

The largest of this series is the 52-inch 52XV545U reviewed here, and 46- and 42-inch versions also available. Perhaps the 52XV545U’s most important feature is its SRT, which purports to sharpen standard-def and 720p material as the display upconverts it to 1080p. This is akin to—but different than—the XDE technology found in Toshiba’s XD-E500 DVD player, which doesn’t work very well at all.

Unlike some high-end LCDs, the Toshiba doesn’t include LED backlighting with local dimming. Color-point adjustment is becoming more common, and Toshiba’s version is called ColorMaster. Like virtually all HDTVs, the 52XV545U offers several picture modes. The Movie mode was actually quite close to the optimum picture settings, although blacks were a bit crushed, and whites were a bit clipped.

(Source) Home Theater Mag