Toshiba 47ZV650U Series

Toshiba is a brand that everyone is familiar and safe with. It has been tried and tested in practically the markets it has penetrated including that of the HDTV and LCD lines. If there is one thing that most LCD buyers are looking for, it is that of image blurring in LCD projection. Apparently refresh rates are important and fortunately, Toshiba boasts of the best one in terms of pricing.

The company uses different technology to fight blurring than true 240Hz HDTV, and Toshiba is careful to call it a “240Hz effect,” but anti-blurring effects are similar. Unfortunately, high-tech-sounding processing can’t overcome lighter black levels and a few other picture-quality foibles. On the other hand, the relatively low price makes it worth considering.

In the end, it may all boil down to using your mind over your wants. Normally, price is an issue but if you want to be on the safer side of things, heed this advice, go for the brand like Toshiba, tried and tested!

(Source) Mercury News