Toshiba 46G300U Television Review-Great If Youve Got The Hardware

Toshiba is not a line I see a lot of product out of–usually my coverage is dominated by Samsung and Sony and a sad handful of Philipses, among others.  But today I’m happy to talk about a Toshiba that caught my interest–the Toshiba 46G300U.

The Toshiba 46G300U is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that offers a PC input, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, one RF input, an Ethernet port, a composite video input, an optical audio output, USB port, sleep timer, Secure Digital card slot, and two included speakers.

I liked the way the picture and sound looked on this one, and was pretty happy about the spec sheet, though again, for folks with less than new components you’re going to have a tough time with all those mostly useless HDMI inputs and slim pickings on the component / composite side.  And considering that this one’s going for nine hundred bucks, it’s definitely not one you’ll want unless you already have the HDMI capable gear.  But if you have the equipment for it, you should be reasonably happy with the Toshiba 46G300U.