Toshiba 42XV515D and a concept future model at IFA 2008

Toshiba Corporation is exhibiting its technological achievements at IFA 2008. Toshiba 42XV515D and a concept future model LCD TV 42XV515D are the two of those amazing products which you can see at IFA 2008. The TV is based on advanced brightness control technique which reduces the required backlight, thus saving on energy consumption.

The LCD TV is 19% lighter than its equivalent 2006 model making it easy to handle. The environment conscious TV delivers an exceptional image and audio quality. Get prepared for augmented entertainment experience now.

The TV will not only reduce your monthly bill but will also emit 173 grams less of CO2 in a day. The price of the TV has not been disclosed yet by Toshiba, but it will not be too heavy on your pocket looking at the amount of energy saved.

Via: Press