Toshiba 37RV525R Television Review-Id Buy This

If you’ve been reading my review pieces here for any length of time, you know that I’m very concerned about value.  There have been some great TVs here, but they often cost ridiculous amounts of money.  This may well be one of the first times I’ve ever said that, yes, I would actually buy what I’m reviewing tonight.

I’m talking about the Toshiba 37RV525R, a thirty two inch 1080p TV, one component input jack, one composite input array, two HDMI ports and an  S-Video input.  It also comes with a special “game mode” to give gamers a little extra edge and improved frame rate.

And like I said, I’d actually buy this.  The picture is just plain old beautiful and the sound is spectacular.  There’s no two ways about it, this is an amazing setup.  It lists for seven hundred bucks, but Amazon’s got it for just under six hundred, so you’re actually getting a pretty substantial value with this one.  Not as cheap as some, but for what you get it’s an unbelievable setup.