Toshiba 32E200U LCD Television Review-Terrific Overall System

We’ve been saving you money left, right and center this week, with a look at a whole bunch of LCD televisions, and today will be no exception as we settle in to check out the Toshiba 32E200U, an LCD television that will make your content look nice, and your wallet be greatly relieved by the savings.

The Toshiba 32E200U is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television that offers a CineSpeed LCD panel for better response time, the DynaLight Backlight Control to automatically regulate brightness according to what’s going on in the video itself, a gaming mode to reduce blurring, native mode to recover lost portions of a standard picture, Cinema Mode 24 fps for better movie playback, the invisible speaker system, four HDMI inputs, one component input, two composite inputs, an RF input, a PC input, a USB port, and a digital audio output.

The real high point on this one is the picture. Not only is it 1080p, but it’s also got plenty of features to augment it. The sound, on the other hand, is fair but doesn’t come with much extra help. And I’m a little concerned about the room here for old components, but considering the sheer number of HDMI ports, that’s something of a minor worry. Clearly, this is a good quality system.

And it gets better–you’ll be able to get this good quality system at a fantastic price–just $379.99, marked down almost a third from its original retail price out at Amazon, which is just deeply fantastic news.

Between the quality of the system, and the absolutely impressive price tag, I heartily suggest you take a look at this one for yourself to see if it’s what you want. There are too many great qualities working in favor of the Toshiba 32E200U to easily pass it up.