Top Ten Home Theater Mistakes-The Video

So I found a video on YouTube for all those devoted do-it-yourselfers out there; the folks out at The Home Theater Insider put together a list of the top ten biggest mistakes people make when they build their own home theater.

Naturally, I’ve brought the video over here for you to take a look at, but first, some highlights.

One, I’m not all that convinced it’s necessary to sound-proof the room your home theater setup is in.  Admittedly, it depends on your circumstances–do you live near a lot of people?  Do you live WITH a lot of people?–but this isn’t necessarily a must-do for everybody.  And that bit about a room being “dead” to get the most out of home theater audio is weak sauce, as far as I’m concerned.  There’s only so much audio variation the human ear can detect, and that to me trends to the outer limits of same.

Two, most of this is actually pretty rational.  It’s not too hard to agree with getting a universal remote for all your components, or focusing on screen resolution instead of screen size.

Three, let’s all share a brief laugh at The Home Theater Insider’s expense for their belief that the Blu-ray / HD-DVD format war would be long and drawn out.  It’s funny now, but hey. They couldn’t have known.

Aside from a few small things, there are some great tips in here anyone would be well-served to pay attention to.