Top Music Releases Hearing The Song by Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito in Super Audio CD Stereo [HFR]

Top Music International has released a new SACD by singer Leslie Ritter and guitarist Scott Petito entitled Hearing The Song, Listening the Silence. Readers of High Fidelity Review know that many of Top Music International’s Super Audio CD releases are sponsored by audio companies. For this album, the sponsor is Almarro Audio a company that makes tube based integrated amps and a line of speakers. As a result, most of the liner notes and photos are devoted to the products from Almarro rather than information about the album itself.

Hearing The Song, Listening the Silence
Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito
Super Audio CD Stereo/CD Audio

(Top Music International TM-SACD 9005.2)

This album was originally released as a Stereo CD under the title “In The Silence” by Hudson Valley Records several years ago. It features 12 tracks, 10 of which were written by the duo and was widely praised at the time of it’s initial release including the Best New Age Album at the Just Plain Folks Music 2000 Awards.

Top Music offers these brief comments about the disc: “Leslie Ritter is best known for her singing in the Folk/Pop duo “Amy & Leslie”. Her earthy, evocative voice has been praised by fans and critics alike. Scott Petito’s distinctive fretless bass playing has graced hundreds of recordings. His studio credits range from James Taylor to the Band, Keith Richards and Dave Brubeck. Together, they have created an album of songs that are contemporary yet timeless with a sound that is spacious and engaging. “In The Silence” is a record you will want to listen to again and again.”

Album Selections
1. Trip Around the Sun
2. Slow Burn
3. Broken Wings
4. Love Grows
5. In the Silence
6. Stop the World
7. Caught in the Middle
8. More Time
9. Forgiveness
10. When Will We Ever Learn
11. Catskill Green
12. Criminal

Technical Credits
The Super Audio CD of Hearing The Song, Listening the Silence was remastered for SACD by Povee Chan. Chan used the SADIE DSD-8 Series 5 DSD Mastering Workstation for the disc. His mastering setup included monitor speakers and amplifiers from Almarro as well as the Isoclean Power Conditioning System and Zu Cables. The Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD was made by Sony DADC on their Hybrid SACD production line in Japan.

As with earlier Top Music releases (see linked stories below), the Hybrid Stereo SACD of Hearing The Song, Listening the Silence by Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito is available in music stores throughout Hong Kong. It is also available on some U.S. web sites that feature Super Audio CDs including Audiophile Resource and on eBay and Audiogon.Com.