Tomy Nikken Gakki helps you make beautiful music

They say that letting your kids learn music is always a good thing, and who knows, he or she might end up being the next American Idol, letting you have an easy life after that with the millions rolling in due to recording contracts? How else are you supposed to unearth such latent talent in your little one without outside help?

Tomy hopes to do so with the Nikken Gakki, a device that lets kids create ‘beautiful’ music via simple gestures such as touching, tapping or poking. Boasting a quartet of electrodes, it will create a unique tone whenever two of them are connected, with the option to trigger a sound effect as well.

Imagine 2 people holding an electrode each – this will trigger a sound simply touching the other person as the circuit is completed. Since the Nikken Gakki is smart enough to detect where on the body someone has been touched, it produces different sounds accordingly. For around $40 a pop after conversion, you might be on to a cheap yet interesting Christmas present for the year.