Tokyo TRONSHOW 2011 reveals ClearPlate scanning technology

I think that we all know that the way we interact with our TV, computers, and mobile devices is changing. This method of QR code recognition is just one thing on the cusp of change with this new technology.

This is ClearPlate, developed by NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories, and it was unveiled at Tokyo’s TRONSHOW 2011. I had now idea there was a show based on Tron, really.

I’m pretty sure that the ClearPlate has nothing to do with Tron, but everything to do with improving consumer electronics. This particular technology allows the user to lay a clear display on a QR Code. The user can actually use it as the scanner reads it, which is better than most bar code scanners.

You can imagine what the impact of this technology could be on TV remote controls. Just imagine setting your DVR to record shows by a ClearPlate scan rather than a barcode reader. Yes, the potential is there.