Todays Budget Home Theater Tip: Consider Projector Over Panel TV

It hit me just the other day, like the metaphorical ton of bricks, that I have been covering sweet home theater setups for the last few weeks, and most of you, me included, will never be able to own even anything vaguely resembling any of us.  For most of us, if we got our hands on a hundred thousand dollars, we sure wouldn’t be using it to rebuild the Batcave in our basements.

So I started to think, why not help people build a feasible home theater that they can still enjoy without having to spend more money than they spend on some homes?  And for today’s tip, we’re going to consider projectors over regular televisions.

In terms of sheer value it’s hard to do better than a projector and screen combination.    Just as an example, there are projectors that can throw a hundred inch picture that cost less than a thousand dollars.  A television of comparable size doesn’t technically exist that I can find,  and its closest neighbor costs fully double what the projector does.

Of course, you also have to buy a screen for a projector, and bulb life on a projector is limited– much more so than the television.  but the idea is worth considering, Especially if you’re planning to set up a home theater and do it as  inexpensively as possible