TiVo Decided to Update Its Search Functionality

TiVo has decided to bring a new search functionality to the table. The company redesigned it to make it look all fresh and new. It’s a new UI which might make you like your TiVo even better. The new search feature will get you better search results while looking a lot better in that new HD design. You will get album cover-type artwork and suggested content based on what you’re looking for. The Beta is starting today and everyone owning a TiVo Series 3, TiVo HD and HD XL will be able to start testing it.

Tom Rogers, CEO and President of TiVo Inc. said:

What Google did for the Internet, TiVo is now doing for the TV, bringing people a combination of excellent search results and innovative discovery that can’t be found anywhere else. TiVo has always been known as the best way to watch what you want, when you want it. Now we’re taking that to a new level, using TiVo technology to find just the right program from hundreds of channels and thousands of broadband options, all in seconds. It is clear TiVo is leading the way in providing more choice, and also leading the way in finding content quickly. TiVo Search is a new way to find what you’ve been missing.

So there you have it! TiVo will try to be the Google of TV, although Google will surely be mad when it hears someone else is trying to be Google.