TiVo C00240 Slide Remote on eBay for $65

Watching your favorite TV shows and movies through a traditional cable broadcast may not be the cheapest form of consuming content but it’s certainly one of the most convenient. Various DVR services from companies like TiVo make the process even better by allowing you to record your favorite shows (or movies) when you’re not able to catch them during their original air time. Add to that the fact that you can skip through commercials and you can see why it’s such a highly sought after service.

While you can get up off the couch and manually manipulate the TiVo box to do what you want it to do, it’s much easier to use a remote. However, if you want to get a good high end remote that has a ton of features you’re going to be stuck paying quite a bit of money.

The TiVo C00240 Slide Remote, for instance, is one of the best options for use with a traditional TiVo box. As you can see from teh above picture it featuers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that allows you to quickly search for various content.

Unfortunately, like I said above, this remote goes for quite a bit of money with most retailers listing it at around $90. Luckily, our friends over at CrunchGear have found quite the deal and the TiVo C00240 remote has appeared on eBay for just $64.95 buy-it-now price.

Head here to check the deal out.