Time Warner Cable iPad App brings back channels that were once lost

We reported on the Time Warner app for the iPad, and how it has some troubles with certain channels. The App recently got more channels, but Fox didn’t want to be part of the party.

Fox removed several channels from Time Warner’s live TV app, but has added most of them back again. The exception is any network that is owned by Viacom, but Discovery and Fox are back.

There doesn’t seem to be any sort of news as to why Fox seemed to have a change of heart, but hey, you have the Fox News Channel, FX, or National Geographic. Not to mention all the cool Fox programming like Glee! Hey, that sounds okay to me.

For those who want to get this on their iPads, you should probably hurry up and head to the iTunes store and get the Time Warner Cable app, and then pay the monthly fees, of course.