TI TPA2050D4 audio subsystem

Texas Instruments Incorporation has recently announced an analog-input audio subsystem, which has TI’s field-proven stereo class-D power amplifier and stereo DirectPath (TM) headphone amplifier. The high-end audio subsystem enables the customers to prefer many input-to-output configurations and curriculum design strictures to optimize audio performance frequently.

The TPA2050D4 audio subsystem also supports a stereo class-D amplifier to provide a 1.4-w every channel output drive potential into 8-Ohm loudspeakers along with 90% excellence to extend battery life in portal applications. The users can connect the audio amplifier to many other compatibles devices including portable DVD player, portable gaming devices and media players.

The audio subsystems support two stereo single-ended inputs, by which the customers can attach one input device to another to get excellent and general mode noise denunciation. There is a 32-step volume control attached with each input channel along with a four level gain control for the headphone amplifier, which permits the users to create differences between the volumes of the loudspeakers.

The TPA2050D4 audio subsystem is shipping at just $2.30 and the customers can avail of it to get better experience with the high-end device.

Via: Press