Three Easy Home Theatre Mistakes To Avoid

A lot of people will tell you a lot of things when it comes to your home theatre setup.  Go simple, go big, spend a load of money, spend as little as possible, make it look like the Batcave!  But there are some things that, in general, should be avoided.

1. Don’t use one subwoofer to cover the whole room.  Subwoofer bass loses effect the farther out it goes, and the farther away you are from that bass, the less effect it’ll have.

2. Avoid a square room if possible.  Square rooms yield so-called “standing waves” in deep bass situations, and will result in some sections of the room getting too much bass and others not getting near enough.

3. Don’t hide the speakers.  Why would you want to muffle your speakers by putting them behind something?  You’ve got to have those grills out and pumping out sound, even if they look a bit unsightly.

So with these three tips in hand, you’re much likely to get ahead with your home theatre design.