Those Funai Touch Projectors? Could Be Available Next Year.

Here’s an awesome bit of news–remember when I was talking about those Funai projectors that could basically be operated like giant touchscreens?  Well, a new item just came out that suggests that these could actually be publicly available in 2010.

Now that’s really exciting–they may have only limited application for us in the home theater crowd (admittedly, it WOULD be the height of awesome and make any home theater a sweet home theater to have a wall-sized remote projected onto one wall.  Think about THAT–press the play button, which is located ON THE WALL), but it’d definitely put a spark into business presentations.

Even better, the resulting projectors may actually, according to representatives at Funai, offer a cost savings over conventional touchscreens.  That alone is reason to sit up and take notice, and when you combine all these factors together, Funai may well have a serious game-changer on its hands.