Thirty Grand For A Home Theatre Chair?

No, seriously.  Thirty grand.  Okay, more like about forty bucks shy , but still, that’s a lot for a chair.  Anyway, being installed at the Savant Design Center, for that monster price is a Continental Seating 21” Gable style lounger, a block of four seat power straights in grade five leather.

Okay, those HAVE to be awesome chairs.  Powered straights in grade five leather represent some of the best home theatre seating on the face of the Earth today.  But who in their right mind would pay thirty grand for a CHAIR?  I can’t imagine paying that kind of price for any chair, considering what you could get for so much less.  I mean, you could get a hammock with a fridge attached and a microwave on your left.  You could get a complete home theatre setup with a king sized bed attached to it.  You could buy a Ford Expedition and put a plasma screen in the TRUNK.

But still, if you want the high point of the chair maker’s art, then Continental Seating’s got it.