Thinksound ts02 in-ear headphones

We have previously reported on the MEElectronics A151 in ear headphones, and, as promised, we will cover another inexpensive in-ear headphones, the Thinksound ts02.

Unlike the A151, the ts02 goes greener as they are made of hand-crafted sustainable wood. As mentioned before, these are in-ear headphones, and they have an “in-ear 8 mm high-definition driver and 50-inch-long PVC-free cables”.

It has been reported that the ts02 have some serious bass going on, and it can maintain that high quality of bass even at low levels, not just at thumping high ones. Sadly, the same reports say that the “build quality and durability appear to be average”.

The Thinksound ts02 come in silver cherry or black chocolate finishes, and they come with four sets of eartips, not to mention a cotton carrying pouch. I don’t have a price down, except that I know that it is under $100, and they come with a one year warranty.