TheaterSeatStore Doubles Inventory-Watch For Deals

So I got hold of a couple day old press release and caught a little something that I haven’t seen anyone else take a run at.  Check this out.

The TheaterSeatStore company has doubled its inventory at its warehouses, possibly anticipating a massive surge in business.  Why, you wonder?  Well, it turns out the answer’s fairly obvious–here’s the word from the company:

“We’re following the growth and expansion of our client base and their demand for expedited shipping on their orders,” said Bruce Tucker, Director and Chief Operating Officer. “By adding additional square footage to house inventory, and expanded loading docks, we have the ability to handle a larger volume of orders daily, and are positioned for significant growth.”

So…they’re expanding, in the midst of a horrible economy, based on previous orders?  That’s a move that just might come back to haunt them.  After all, if the orders suddenly fall off, now they’re left with expansion for nothing.

Of course, thinking like that will guarantee they don’t go anywhere at all, but it might have been a little more prudent to start expanding slightly smaller than doubling.  So keep your eye on these guys–they might be having bargain-basement prices sooner than you think.