The Very Best of ERA Released on SACD/DVD Video Double Disc

The latest release by ERA is a best of album that has been made available as an SACD and DVD Video Double Disc release. Entitled The Very Best of ERA, the new album comes in a colorful Double Disc “Deluxe Edition” that has been released by Mercury Records in France and distributed by Universal Music International in Europe.

The new Double Disc follows the earlier Surround Sound Super Audio CD edition of ERA’s The Mass (Mercury 0440-063611-2) which was very successful in the French market – winning the SACD a Silver Disc sales award in France (see linked story below).

ERA is a creation of musician Eric Levi and features a mixture of music, chants and orchestral music into elaborate soundscapes. His music is ideal for presentation in 5.1 Surround Sound and the earlier SACD release proved quite popular among Surround Sound music fans.

The Very Best of ERA
The new Double Disc version of The Very Best of ERA features a Surround Sound SACD with 16 of the best known selections by ERA from their 3 prior albums. This is coupled with a DVD Video disc that includes Music Videos by ERA and some special features. The layout of the Deluxe Edition is as follows:

Album Selections
Disc 1 – Super Audio CD (Surround Sound SACD/Stereo SACD/Stereo CD)
1. Ameno
2. Don’t Go Away
3. The Mass
4. Mother
5. Misere Mani
6. Avemano Orchestral
7. Looking For Something
8. Don’t U
9. Enae Volare
10. Cathar Rhythm
11. Divano
12. Don’t You Forget
13. Hymne
14. Sentence
15. I Believe
16. Looking For Something (Darren Tate Mix Edit)

Disc 2 – DVD Video (Music Videos by ERA and Special Features)
1. Misere Mani
2. Mother
3. The Mass
4. Looking For Something
5. Ameno
6. Infanati
7. Enae Volare Mezzo
8. Divano
9. Looking For Something Remix

Album Credits
The new Super Audio CD disc features SACD mixing by Thierry Rogen at Studio Mega in Paris, Stereo Mastering by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Studios in London and SACD Mastering by Ronald Prent at Galaxy Studios. The SACD disc was made by VIVA SACD in Hong Kong.

The Very Best of ERA features 6 selections from the group’s earlier SACD release as well as 10 selections that did not appear on that release. As with the prior Super Audio CD, the 5.1 Surround Sound SACD mix spreads ERA’s complex soundscapes around the room very nicely. If you enjoyed The Mass in 5.1 Surround Sound, this SACD will be another one to pick up in your travels.

The SACD/DVD Video Double Disc of The Very Best of ERA is now available in music stores in France and Europe. It is also available from several web sites including Amazon.Fr (France), Amazon.Co.Uk (U.K.), Amazon.De (Germany) and Jpc.De (Germany).