The Theater Going Experience-No Longer Worth It?

I was reading this great article over at the San Francisco Gate online–of course, in this case, I think it’s really great because it mirrors exactly what I’ve been saying about theatrical-movie going since back in 2007.

Apparently the Gate put out a reader questionnaire and invited its readers to weigh in.  Apparently, most people were saying the same things.

1. A movie ticket these days is hugely expensive.

2. The concession prices are worse.

3. Why do I even bother?

Now, admittedly, there are still calls for the movie theater. At least for right now, it is still the only place to get the most recent titles, though there are indications that that’s changing.  It’s also one of the best first-date options out there.  Folks, I’m sorry, but as big a proponent as I am of the “rented video and take out” date, you’re not going to get that special someone to come to your house when you just met them.  One night stands notwithstanding, “you want to come over and watch a movie” is just a smidge creepy.

And the theaters, give them credit, are responding by offering LOTS more options, but is it just too little too late?  Could they have EVER offered enough to make their offerings better than a Blockbuster night?

I’m inviting you all, weigh in on this one.  I want to know what YOU think!