The PlayStation Moves Handgun Accessory Gets A Name And An Official Release

Hello again, dear readers! Remember when we discussed the silly-looking Submarine Gun accessory made by CTA Digital for Sony’s PlayStation Move? Well, if you recall, we also briefly mentioned other accessories of the PS3’s motion control system, including a certain, ridiculous-looking handgun. Today, it officially got a name and has been released on the market.

Apparently, they’re calling it the “Shooting Attachment” (can’t get them many points for this due to lack of creativity and unoriginal, generic name selection). Of course, Sony saw fit to complement the accessory’s release with an appropriately-themed game. In this case, the title is called the “Shoot”, a basic shooter that left game reviewers pretty underwhelmed and unimpressed, according to Engadget.

Like the accessory it’s coupled with, this game seems to be suffering from poor name selection and lack of originality in general. But if you want to try them anyway, the Shooting Attachment is priced at $20 while the Shoot retails for $40. With products like these, it seems that the Move isn’t off to a great start as a new gaming system.