The Panasonic TC-P50GT30 plasma TV

This is the Panasonic TC-P50GT30, and the entire series of TVs was announced at CES 2011 last January.

The GT30 is a lot like the VT30, and it has an Infinite Black 2 panel, 24p playback, as well as an included pair of 3D glasses. It also has the THX certification, along with short throw phosphers, and Viera Connect Internet suite.

Another feature is the 3D-compatible SD card slot, which I can only assume is there for examining 3D content on the screen. Considering that there are a lot of 3D capable cameras going on, it certainly seems right to have some way of distributing the 3D material somehow.

Here are some prices and availability dates for these televisions: the Panasonic TC-P50GT30 is a 50-inch (available March for $1899), the Panasonic TC-P55GT30 is a 55-inch (available March for $2199), Panasonic TC-P60GT30 is a 60-inch (available April for $2799), and the Panasonic TC-P65GT30 is a 65-inch (available April for $3599).