The N64 PC: When Game Console And Computer Become One

Isn’t it pretty frustrating when you’re an old school gamer who enjoys playing classic titles and suddenly your “obsolete” console dies on you? At this point, you’d be facing options like trying to find a repair shop, throwing it in the trash or attempting the likely futile task of actually replacing it. Now what if it was a Nintendo 64 that broke down on you? What would you do about it?

Well, one unique, unconventional option is actually taking apart the busted console and rebuilding it as a fully-operational, personal computer. Apparently, someone really has done this with the old Nintendo 64 gaming system. Thus, the modified console is packing an Intel Atom N330 processor, 30GB SSD, and a Zotac ION ITX motherboard. Click here to check out a whole gallery of images featuring the N64 PC.