The First ever network broadcast in 3D: The 1989 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Now that 3D is starting to make headway in the world of HDTVs, I thought we should appropriately go back to “the first ever network broadcast in 3D”, according to Bob Costas.

It is appropriate, because it was done 22 years ago at Super Bowl 1989. I actually remember watch this, and used some 3D glasses that I had from some 3D comic books I was reading.

I remember that the show was preceded by a 3D Diet Coke ad, and then it was followed by a lavish and campy magician who was called “Elvis Presto”. I swear that I did not make that up.

Yeah, beat that, Black-eyed peas. That ad actually generated about 60 million dollars in worldwide publicity. I didn’t see the Super Bowl XLIII 3D ads, so I can’t compare.