The DUO Transforms Standard Monitors to Touch Screen Displays

For the people who are pretty much fascinated with touch screen technology, here is a device that can save you a bundle from buying a touch screen enabled display. Rather than buy a new LCD monitor or screen, one device can change all that. The device is DUO, a USB device that makes use of Ultrasonic waves and infrared rays that will instantly turn your laptop screen into a writing tablet.

The Duo is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 tablet software. This enables you to either capture characters in your own handwriting or automatically turn them to ASCII characters for clear, easy reading.

DUO also integrates with Microsoft Office ink annotator to allow writing, such as signatures, directly on the document. The easy USB “plug ‘n play” set up allows even the most novice user to install the system in minutes.

The DUO is available at the DUO website with a starting price of $119.95.

(Source) Press