The Dome all-in-one stereo system

Don’t you just love concept designs and systems? After all, it allows the designers to go crazy with whatever they’re capable of thinking up, never mind that the physics of today is unable to fulfil such designs just yet. Well, here is yet another concept that we will look at today that might just tickle your fancy, slapping on the Bowers & Wilkins label (after all, designer Dragos Iliescu works for them).

Known simply as The Dome, this all-in-one stereo system is capable of handling both audio CDs as well as load music from various musical devices including the iPod and other portable media players. From afar, The Dome does seem to resemble a giant black disk, but the moment you go near it, the controls, the iPod, or the disks will turn visible, letting you access and change discs or tracks as you wish. The wonders of proximity sensors, no?

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Iliescu will be able to roll out a model that can handle old school vinyl records and music from USB drives, not to mention the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming of audio. How much are you willing to fork out for something like this in the real world? Certainly the B&W label won’t make it cheap.