The BlackBox i10 Earphones Are Designed To Cancel Out Noise

If you’re looking for a reliable set of headphones that’s able to cut out the noise around you in any setting, then you might want to try the Blackbox i10 Earphones. This set of headphones was created to deliver as advertised, which is to cancel out the noise around you in any room or outdoor setting. The device also features a regular headphone jack on the end for an Apple 30 pin dock connector, allowing it to run on the energy powering your iPhone or iPod so you won’t have to charge it when you go on an outing.

However, the Blackbox i10 Earphones have compatibility exclusively with Apple devices alone, which might be considered a significant drawback to owning it if you’re not an Apple customer. Nonetheless, if you should choose to acquire them, these headphones can be yours for $125.