The Big Screen Ban Is Off…For Now

Seems that Sacramento finally heard the massive hue and cry against the big screen TV legislation, because they’ve just released the final proposal, and the big screen TV ban is out of the picture.  Though, probably as a sop to the environmental lobby, they’ve reserved the option to come back later and restrict the sales, which will probably happen about the same time hell freezes over.

I can’t believe they actually thought they could get away with this one–if there’s one thing Americans love, it’s their TV. Trying to step in on truly shaky environmentalist grounds and declare that you can’t buy a certain size television because it’s not sufficiently “green” is the single dumbest thing I’ve heard.  This proposal was clown shoes from the very beginning, and at least now, it’s getting its just desserts from a firestorm of public hate-on that you can still see steaming over the San Fernando Valley.

Even the Santa Anas are scared of it.

So good job, Californians–way to blast your insane egomaniacal government back to the CRT age!