The 8K camera just got a lot smaller

There is currently only one type of working 8K camera in the world: made at Japan’s NHK television channel, the 8K camera is called 8K Super Hi-Vision and supports a native resolution of 33 megapixels. Not only that, it does this at 30 frames per second, meaning it handles 33MP every single second. If that’s not impressive enough, the new 8K camera is much smaller than its predecessor, and weighs only 4 KG. This makes it ready for shoulder mounted news TV crew operation. The new 8K camera can also be used with standard DSLR lenses, which makes it even more versatile. However, we’ll have to wait until around 2020 until we can get beamed 8K television channels into our living rooms, and that’s in Japan. Add a few more years for Europe and US. Finally, the 8K camera price is rumored to be around $200,000, which makes perfect sense, considering the technology it packs.