Texas Instruments Unveils New Breed of 3D Ready Projectors

Among the marquee names that showcased their new products over at the InfoComm09 was Texas Instruments. Drawing much raves, who wouldn’t be fascinated at their new line of 3D ready projectors which included a lamp-free data projector? Ideal for conference rooms and classrooms making use of visual aids today, the new projectors offer a new way of enhancing interactive learning through affordably priced projectors which are also maintenance friendly.

And with most of the projector manufacturers preparing for the wave of 3D ready projectors into the market, Texas Instruments joins that mix and books a spot towards the numerous options that individuals and groups would require as far as visual gadgets are concerned.

“After seeing the DLP 3D projection demonstration, I am envisioning endless possibilities for enhancing the learning of our students,” said Trudy LeDoux, director of technology for Dickson Independent School District, just outside of Houston, Texas

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