Texas Instruments Unveil TAS5709 and TAS5710 Power Amplifiers

Texas Instruments has announced the unveiling of two new power amplifiers that are sure to enhance listening pleasure. The launch of two digital-input audio power amplifiers that combine 32 bits of advanced audio processing with 20 watts of stereo output power into a single device.

The TAS5709 and TAS5710 support speaker equalization (EQ) and dual-band dynamic range control (DRC) and offer TI’s unique 3D and bass boost technology, which enhances the overall sound experience by widening the sound stage and improving bass response.

The TAS5710 features TI’s closed-loop architecture, which produces a rich, natural sound and lowers system cost by relaxing power supply performance requirements in consumer audio products, including high-definition televisions (HDTVs), media docking stations, digital radios and sound bars.

Key features and benefits of the TAS5709 and TAS5710:

  • 20-W stereo output power into 8 ohms at 18 V provides ample power at high efficiencies from a common supply rail. Closed-loop architectures maximize design flexibility and sound quality
  • Up to nine biquad filters per channel equalizes speaker performance and compensates for less than ideal enclosure acoustics
  • Dual-band DRC with selectable threshold, attack and decay protects speakers from damage and stops “bass rattling” of the cabinet/enclosure
  • Royalty-free 3D and bass boost support widens the sound stage and improves bass response
  • Store up to three sets of biquad coefficients for optimum audio performance over varying audio input frequencies. Sample rate changes are automatically detected and the correct coefficients selected without user intervention
  • 2-channel I2S input provides a direct connection to the digital processor, which reduces bill of materials cost

The TAS5709 and TAS5710 are available today, along with the TAS5707 and TAS5708 digital-input audio power amplifiers which support multiple levels of audio processin

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