Texas Instruments Announces Release of DLP Pico Projector Kit

Texas Instruments through Digi-Key Corporation has announced the launch of the DLP Pico Projector Development Kit, a fully integrated and miniaturized light projection solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into the design process for new industrial, medical, and consumer products.

The DLP Pico Projector Development Kit has been priced at $349 and is available now at Digi-Key’s global websites. This kit allows developers to integrate digital projection into their own innovative applications.

The Pico Projector Development Kit includes an HVGA resolution, DLP projection device with a light engine that uses three solid-state color LEDs as a low power light source. The kit also includes a power supply cable and video cable specifically for connecting to a BeagleBoard, a development board that contains the OMAP35x processor and is supported by an open-source Linux community.

(Source) Press