Tensor Alpha Loudspeakers

.ADAM Audio a prominent name amongst the precision loudspeaker providers unveiled its latest Tensor Series speakers in Denver this September. The series comprises of Tensor Alpha Loudspeakers beautifully housed in sleek black cabinets with silver faceplates.

The Zenith amongst the Tensor line is the Alpha, which integrates two 13″ HexaCone™ woofers (front/rear mounted); each driven by electronically equalized 500 W amplifiers.

The Tensor Alpha reflects ADAM Audio’s everlasting impression as a top supplier of studio monitors in professional audio market as its monitors are in regular use in the major recording, mastering, and film scoring studios around the world.

Other striking features included here in Tensor Alpha Loudspeakers are ADAM Audio’s Impulse Coupling new X-ART (`X’ for eXtended frequency response) driver etc. The series is priced at Tensor Alpha Loudspeakers- $24,999.

Via: VPO