Ten Percent of All Mobile Traffic Goes To YouTube



Let that roll around in your head-meat for a minute.  One in ten bits, bytes, megs and gigs goes straight to YouTube.  That means whenever you see someone surfing with their mobile, there’s one chance in ten they’re on YouTube right now.

Weird incredulous statistics aside, what this means is twofold.  One, home theater is going to be wherever you happen to be from now on if things keep going the way they’re going and, two, the ISPs are going to find SOME way to jack up your bill as a result.  They literally can’t not–factor out the negatives, it works–as streaming video eats bandwidth the way fat kids eat cake, but more often.

So if the ISPs can’t accommodate all those new users sucking bandwidth like no tomorrow, they’re going to have to jack up rates to discourage the sucking.

Oh, and if you said “or they could just put in new equipment to give everyone the bandwidth they want”, sadly, things don’t work like that here.