Tembo Trunks low-budget speakers are virtually indestructible

I’m not certain if you are familiar with Kickstarter, but it is a website for amateurs who make some cool tech. You can donate to the fund to make the tech into a reality, and get a chance to get some for yourself.

The latest cool one are these Tembo Trunks. They are made by some Austrailian brothers, and these stereo speakers are virtually indestructible.

This is because they are made by collapsible silicone cones that work as amplifiers, like headphones that work without power. Yes, no power is required for them, which means that there are no moving parts to damage. According to my Source, they can be run over by a car.

So, it looks like this is good enough for 80dB worth of excess sound, which makes me wonder if they would be good enough for a home theater as well as a mobile device. If you go onto Kickstarter now, you’ll see that they haven’t made the goal, and a pledge of $39 will get you your own pair.