Teleste MyCast enables hybrid IPTV/DVB services

Teleste has launched industry’s first complete Hybrid TV solution. The latest Hybrid TV solution supports factors for the entire process of delivering video services to users from contented achievement. It also has service conception to deliver various solutions including HFC, xDSL EttH and FttH.

"We see a future where both IPTV and traditional broadcast technologies continue to co-exist and hybrid TV is there to bridge the gap between these technologies. Teleste MyCast offers the best of both worlds. With the solution, operators can easily expand to IPTV and add interactive functionality to their broadcast services," says Teleste’s Mika Kavanti, Business Director, Digital Video & Broadband Solutions.

Teleste Hybrid TV solution works with various highly advanced transport technologies, network architecture, head-ends and back-end systems. Moreover, it can be set with operators’ accessible transmit systems. With the assistance of this solution, the operators can easily develop IPTV without changing their network infrastructure.

Teleste is going to show the Hybrid TV solutions at the IBC 2008 exhibition in Amsterdam from 12-16 September. The solution is available to customers worldwide.