Telegent Brings Free-to-Air TV to Latin America

Being able to watch TV content on your mobile phone has been out there in the market but has not really made any headway just yet. Hopefully though when this is brought to the Latin America market, mobile users will be able to appreciate and look at handy TV viewing right at their fingertips.

And now with this new service being brought to the mobile industry by Telegent Systems, the new free-to-air feature aims to build up the market for mobile TV viewing demand.

Since last year, subsidiaries of America Movil and Telefonica that are the leading operators in their country have deployed multiple models of Telegent-enabled TV handsets that allow consumers to receive live, free-to-air broadcast TV programs at no extra cost. Free-to-air TV phones provide an additional benefit to operators.

Because they leverage the existing broadcast ecosystem and TV content, operators are able to deliver the TV feature to customers without a significant financial investment in infrastructure and content licensing, and customers are able to access TV on their mobile without having to pay more for a service.

“A significant market exists for consumers who want the familiar TV content and broadcast delivery available on free-to-air TV handsets,” said Anna Maxbauer, market analyst with IMS Research. “IMS estimates market demand for analog TV handsets at more than 150 million units in 2013.”

(Source) Press