Telarc Releases Corrected SACD of Mozart Symphonies

Telarc has released the corrected pressing of Mozart Symphonies No. 5 and 29 by Marco Boni conducting the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra (PentaTone Classics 5186 002). This single inventory, Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD was originally released in late April in the U.S. on the PentaTone Classics label. It was part of the initial release of PentaTone SACDs into the U.S. market by Telarc International.

Unfortunately, there was a labeling error at the Sonopress Hybrid SACD pressing line when the initial run of this Hybrid Multichannel SACD title for the U.S. market was made. (Telarc SACDs are pressed by Sony while the PentaTone SACDs they distribute are pressed by Sonopress.)

Some copies of another SACD disc by the same orchestra on PentaTone (Mozart – Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos, PentaTone Classics PTC 5186 001) were labeled as the Mozart Symphony Nos. 5 & 29. The erroneously labeled SACDs were then inserted into the packaging for the Mozart Symphony Nos. 5 & 29 deluxe jewel box at the Sonopress pressing plant. Telarc was alerted to the error by buyers of the SACD and they quickly issued a recall of the erroneously labeled SACD.

Determining If You Have An Erroneously Labeled Copy
Buyers of the PentaTone SACDs in the U.S. can determine if they have the erroneously labeled SACD by checking the disc number stamped on the inside of the SACD.

The correct numbers are SACD-628/5186002-2A and SACD-627/5186002-1A. If you see these numbers, you have the correct disc. However, if the copy of the SACD you have contains the numbers SACD-618-1/5186001-2A and SACD-617-1/5186001-1A then you have the mislabeled SACD.

Obtaining A Corrected Copy
Copies of the corrected version of the SACD are now available from Telarc and Elusive Disc. It should be available from other Telarc SACD outlets shortly.

Telarc officials says that consumers who purchased one of the mislabeled SACDs can return it to the store where it was purchased for an exchange for the corrected copy of the SACD.

If that is not possible, Telarc is also offering consumers the option of calling Telarc’s Customer Service Department directly at 1-800-801-5810 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada). Telarc Customer Service will arrange for consumers to return the erroneously labeled SACD to Telarc at their cost and they will send the consumer a copy of the corrected SACD disc.