Telarc, Heads Up and Chesky Cut SACD Prices

Telarc International announced today that effective May 1st, Telarc, Heads Up and Chesky SACDs are being cut in price from $24.99 list price to $19.99 list price. (Chesky is included in the announcement because Telarc distributes that label to stores).

This continues a trend among SACD labels to go from the original SACD list price of $24.95 to the $19.99 level or lower. Other labels that are below $24.95 include Sony Music ($19.99 – Stereo and $21.99 – Multi/Stereo), Rounder ($19.99), Opus 3 ($19.99), Songlines ($16.99) and Albany/Troy ($16.99).

Here’s the official announcement from Telarc:

Telarc Announces Major Price Reduction for All SACD Product

New Lower Pricing for Retail Effective on May 1, 2002

Telarc International Corp. has announced a major price reduction for all Telarc, Heads Up, and Chesky SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) product. The new Telarc pricing lowers the suggested retail price from $24.99 to $19.99 per disc.

“As industry leaders in audiophile and multi-channel recording technology, we believe this important price reduction will dramatically improve the availability of multi-channel recordings in today’s marketplace,”

said Adrian Mills, Director of Telarc’s Domestic and International Sales.

Mills sited the reduced retail pricing on new multi-channel SACD players and systems, with players retailing as low as $200 and home theater “in a box” SACD systems as low as $500, as positive signs for the format’s success.

“The number of SACD titles continues to increase monthly, as does the number of labels now creating these recordings,”

he said.

“With these significant developments, the multi-channel recording format is poised to become the next breakthrough for the music industry.”

In the constantly changing and rapidly advancing world of recording technology, Telarc continually evaluates the latest developments. Ever since producing its first digital recordings in 1978, Telarc’s objective has been to provide the highest quality music reproduction possible. The company released its first discrete, multi-channel surround sound SACD in May 2001 (SACD-60541) featuring music of Tchaikovsky, including the “1812” Overture. The company now has over twenty titles available in multi-channel SACD, in the classical, jazz, blues, and crossover genres, and plans to have thirty-six titles available by the end of the summer.

All Telarc SACD’s are hybrid discs, designed to be completely compatible with the millions of CD players in the market today. Hybrid SACD’s actually contain two complete layers of music information. One layer contains the high density DSD recording that can be played in the new generation of stereo and surround SACD players. The other layer is a conventional CD layer, which can play on any CD player.

For complete and up-to-date information on all of Telarc’s multi-channel SACD product, please visit the Telarc Website at