Tech Video 26-inch LCD Color Monitor FCC Approved


FCC has approved the Tech Video 26-inch LCD color monitor, which boasts of high-end and stunning features. It is a powerful and wonderful high resolution display that lets users view everything quite clear. It is well-equipped and absolute safe from any x-ray radiation.

It is a 26” x 32” x 42” color active matrix TFT monitor, which is capable of providing superb and ultimate images for users. It supports better resolution of 1366 x 768 for high-quality images. Moreover, the latest monitor also has new OSD (on screen display) controls and integrated multi-media speakers.

The advanced LCD color display comes with VGA/DVI signal input, as well as video signal resolution up to 500TVL. Users can view the brilliant and natural images and videos on the screen due to its pioneering features.

The Monitor has a lot more specification; some of them are given below:

Pixel pitch: 0.4215 x 0.4215

Display mode: VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite

Power input: AC input: 100~240, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 100watts

Scan vertical: 31.469 x 63.981 KHz

The Tech video LCD color monitor will bring you a new-definition of viewing with its highly advanced features. The tech video LCD Color Monitor comes with a lot more packages content including TFT LCD monitor, remote control, signal cable, user manual, DVI-I cable (option) and a lot more.

Via: FCC