TEAC LP-R550 All-in-One Audio Device

Are you getting tired of having multiple audio devices? Well if you are wary about the cost and the space that they take, check this multi-functional audio device from Teac. It has practically everything but the USB interface, something that has become automatic with most devices released today.

It comes with a turntable, a cassette player/recorder, a CD player/recorder along with a PLL synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner. The CD portion supports CD/CD-R/CD-RW and the 3-speed turntable supports 33(LP)/45(EP)/78(SP) and has an auto return. It comes with a remote control and has built-in 3.5Wx2ch speakers.

The device, the Teac LP-R550 all-in-one device is slated to be released in Japan. It will carry a price of $750. There is no word though if it will be available in other countries.

(Source) Crunch Gear