TEAC LCDV3253HD with Integrated DVD Player Combo

TEAC unveils a combo solution as far as molding LCD TVs with DVD players. While this does seem to help in terms of making innovative steps towards one gadget that can hold a DVD player and a TV in one, some technical aspects of this product may be up for criticism.

The remote control leaves a lot to be desired as far as menu and button features are concerned. Add to that, the buttons on the remote may be a problem for people who hate small buttons to push when checking out the features.

The DVD drive is removable, so that if it breaks down you don’t lose your TV if the DVD player needs to go back to the shop.


  • 1366×768 resolution and is capable of displaying a 1080p signal
  • High-def tuner
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Analog tuner
  • Contrast ratio: 1,500:1
  • Pixel response time is rated 6.5ms
  • The DVD drive supports all the usual DVD standards, but it was a little tougher finding out what formats the USB input covers.

    (Source) CNet