TEAC AD-800 CD Player with Cassette Deck

TEAC-AD-800-CD-Player-with-Cassette-Deck A first glance at the TEAC AD-800 CD player with cassette deck will take you back to yesteryears. But don’t go for looks. In contrast, it is a very modern and a top-end gadget. The cassette player is indeed an interesting addition, perfect for those who still have a large collection of cassettes racked up.

The cassette player is located to the right and the CD player lies below a VFD screen to the left. In addition to standard CD-Audio, the AD-800 supports playback of CD-R/RW, MP3 audio files in CD-R/RW and USB flash drive. The player will also allow you to transfer your precious tapes into a more suitable format.

The TEAC AD-800 is scheduled to hit the market in Japan by 10 May at an estimated retail price of 57,750 Yen.