TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones

TDK, the recognized band by audio enthusiasts worldwide, recently introduced the new WR700 wireless headphone built with Kleer proprietary lossless audio technology. Being wireless will not just let you move with the headphone devoid of the limitations of a cord but still get the high fidelity stereo sound you desire.

To use the headphone, all you will need to do is just plug the transmitter into your mobiles audio device or in-home stereo system and .sync it with the headphones. It is compatible with all audio devices using a 3.5mm headphone port. The innovative Kleer audio technology offers uncompressed digital audio in 16-bit, 44KHz-diital audio at CD quality. The headphone further offers dynamic channel selection and Kleer’s Listen In technology that will let you share your music experience with four wireless headphones listening concurrently to the same audio source. Ultra low power consumption is one distinct additional advantage of the headphone.

The WR700 Wireless Headphones are already available through select online retailers in North America at a MSRP of $249.99.