TDK Sound Cube

I have seen a lot of interesting products from TDK like the 1 TB Optical Disk At CEATEC or the Enhanced Audio Lineup.

It would appear that TDK has another product for us with the Sound Cube. It is about 9.8 inch square with two 5 and a quarter full range coax drivers. Those things on the side are merely passive reflectors and not speakers, just to let you know.

It connects via RCA, 3.5 mm, 1/4 inch audio jacks, as well as a USB port for plugging in a flash drive. Not only will it literally amplify your home theater experience, but it will run on batteries so it will be portable. It even has a leather strap, made for sound by the hand. You can adjust the sound with the old-school rotary dials.

For those who are interested in this TDK Sound Cube, you should be able to get it from the TDK site for a price of about $299.99.